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I may know a thing or two about dance parties.


I'm Lance.  I live happily with my incredible wife and cat in the historic Pillsbury A-Mill building on St. Anthony Main, Minneapolis.  DJ'ing is but one of the many facets of my career in music, and I do it very well.  I spend most of my time producing music from within the magical confines of my recording studio.  My work writing, producing, and selling music provides me with incredible insight into the world of dance party music.


As a DJ, I have played over 450 events!  I am proud to be regarded as one of the top DJ's in the midwest.  From 2005 to 2015, my work contributed to the success of 2 of the most awarded DJ entertainment agencies in Minnesota where I remained one of the most requested and reputable.   I think that speaks volumes.  In fact, I don't even advertise my services!  Every client of mine comes to me via referral.  The proof is in the performance, not the promotion.  



WUT? You KILLED the DJing for our wedding. You did everything I asked for PERFECTLY (and I asked for a lot) while adding your own spice to the dance. We are astounded. We’ve heard so many great things from guests about how amazing you were, and we agree. While you were probably constrained by having to play a lot of typical wedding songs, you managed to wow everyone with your creative transitions, impeccable timing, and excellent song choices. Both Andy and I feel so grateful to have had you!




Thank you SO much for coming out to South Dakota to DJ our wedding. We had such a blast, and you really did an amazing and seamless job. It was so nice having you because not only was your sound system perfect and musical selections on point per our general requests but somehow any other request we made, you made it seem like it was no problem and pulled it off perfectly! We needed sound in several locations at our venue and you made that happen with no issue whatsoever. My mom was very concerned about the sound functioning for the outdoor ceremony after attending several weddings where there were issues, but you made it happen without any problem. And when we last minute needed sound for our family band you jumped to help us right away, it was so nice. When working with some other vendors for our wedding it felt at times like every single request was like pulling teeth or had an extra fee, so there was an ease about working with you that we really appreciated. Thank you thank you so much. !


You were awesome at the wedding! I have a lot of hipster friends who are annoying audiophiles, and they came up to me and were just signing your praises. So, you impressed some very hip people! :) Also you impressed me, decidedly not a hip person.



Lance was an awesome addition to our wedding. From making sure the sound for our ceremony worked out, to facilitating the best dance party we could’ve hoped for, Lance was key. He was super easy to work with— he handled all of our special requests like mic-ing musicians in our ceremony. Our wedding was outside, so there were a few unknowns. He did a great job making the most of the available space and ensuring things ran smoothly. He is also an awesome emcee because he lets people know what’s going on without interrupting their conversations. We would recommend Lance to anyone who’s looking for a DJ!



Lance was a true pleasure to work with from beginning to end.  During the planning process, he was responsive, thorough and available.  He took time to get to know me and my husband through phone conversations and a detailed questionnaire.  Leading up to the wedding, he took the initiative to touch base and communicated readily with my wedding coordinator; I never once worried about him.


Through the cocktail hour and reception, Lance played phenomenal music that was right on par with our musical tastes (and had me chair dancing a little bit).  We gave him a bit of guidance and requested a few songs, but we handed over the reigns for the majority of the night and he did an awesome job.  The dance was so incredibly fun (this cannot be overstated).  As I imagine is the case for most weddings, we had two different age groups to play to - our younger friends and our older parents and relatives.  He straddled the line remarkably well, always making sure people stayed interested and excited; my mom and my maid of honor both came up to me separately to comment on how fun the DJ was.


Lance has an incredible talent for reading the room; the volume, lights, song transitions and song selection were on point the entire night.  All of his introductions, mic handoffs and announcements were well articulated, engaging and personalized.  It truly felt like a long-time friend was running the music.  He provided the perfect soundtrack to the most wonderful day and we couldn't possibly thank him enough!




More than 450 wildly successful dance parties have led me to conclude that taste is everything. 


Essentially, I can work with you to provide whatever it is that you can imagine.  You're welcome to customize your song selections as much or as little as you'd like.  I can read between the lines when it comes to your taste and fill in the spaces.  I like to recommend Spotify as a means of making playlists for songs you'd like to hear for dancing, cocktails, dinner, etc.  Or, you can always give me guidelines and I can do the work of selecting music for you.  However you want to roll!  


I mix music like a club DJ with transitions and beat matching, so people will just keep dancing and dancing.  I've also trained many of the Twin Cities top DJ's, so you can rest assured you've hired the best of the best.  An average night for me consists of a full dance floor from the first song to the last, culminating in a group circle to close the night.  You also won't hear me directing or actively encouraging anyone to dance.  By making excellent song choices, your guests will flood the dance floor, organically.


My service always includes speakers, dance floor lights, and one wireless microphone for you and your guests to use.  The equipment I bring to events is reliable and attractive.  I'm an audiophile through and through, so I take pride in the equipment I use and guarantee it will be perfect for any space!




Standard package based on quality, not quantity. There is no time limit with this package.  Gratuity included.  No tax



On or off-site, I will provide up to 3 microphones with stands, music, and speakers. 



This is a great option for private parties, corporate events, and club promoters.  Weddings are not included in this option.