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I get to compose and license music every day. I've been doing it for a long time and love what I do.  Primarily, I spend most of my days composing custom music in coordination with SyncStories for various NBCU and FOX projects (The Office, SNL, Olympics, Chucky, NFL, MLB). 

My music can be heard on over 5000 TV episodes, promos, trailers, films, advertisements, and tens of thousands of YouTube videos.  You can hear my work on theme songs for the TODAY Show, Karamo, The Carton Show, The More You Know, and more. 
Together with Black Label Music, I've been fortunate to have won 2 Mark Awards and have received 7 nominations since 2019.
In 2020, I launched the Humans Win Composer Agency. Together with my roster of over 80 composers, producers, and artists, we create custom original music for NBCU and their networks, FOX, micro-licensing companies, production music catalogs, and independent media. We’ve landed thousands of television placements and over one million micro-licenses.

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